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January 26, 2012

Ridin' High In Florida

Shot down in South Carolina he's back on top in Florida.  Mitt Romney has shown that he can win a debate. 

A poll by InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion Research for Newsmax put Mr. Romney ahead with 40% compared with Mr. Gingrich’s 32%. Rep. Ron Paul and Rick Santorum picked up 9% and 8% respectively. The earlier survey, taken after Mr. Gingrich’s surprise win in South Carolina, showed Mr. Gingrich ahead by eight points. Until Mr. Gingrich’s strong showing in South Carolina, Mr. Romney had been ahead in the Florida polls.

The latest Rasmussen Reports survey found Mr. Romney in the lead, 39%-31%, with Mr. Santorum at 12% and Mr. Paul at 9%. Electability was a factor, the pollsters found. At the start of the week, 42% of those surveyed said Mr. Gingrich would be the stronger candidate against President Barack Obama. But after a nationally televised debate and intense campaigning, 49% now think Mr. Romney would more likely to unseat the president while 34% pick Mr. Gingrich. The poll’s margin of error is four percentage points

I think the Tea Party is finally sobering up, and lest anyone be offended I include myself in that group.  All along we've been hoping for the perfect conservative candidate and the fact is, we'd never agree on what that is.  It's becoming clear in Florida is that Newt might very well become this year's Christine O'Donnel, knocking out the reliably conservative Mitt Romney so that he can lose in the general election to Barack Obama.  It's time to stop fooling around.

Mitt is our guy.  Newt Gingrich disqualified himself when he attacked Mitt's record at Bain Capital.  That is precisely what this election is all about.  Are we going to promote free markets, or should markets be more tightly controlled by the federal government?  By attacking Bain, Newt has come down on the side of more federal control.  That's the same side as Obama, but that's not the important thing.

Tea Partiers are terrified at the prospect of four more years of Barack Obama.  It's becoming quite clear that Newt needs debates with plenty of applause to be a successful candidate, because he really doesn't have much else.  He won't have such a sympathetic audience when he's debating Barack Obama.

He has grand ideas but grand ideas aren't enough.  You gotta get things done, and he didn't get himself on the Virginia primary ballot.

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"He has grand ideas but grand ideas aren't enough...."
Too bad. The Paul billboard stays up on Rt. 16 until either
1. He bails out of the race.
2. All the "home base" folk of the southern Manchvegas contingent see it, and have THEIR "primary".
3. I decide it's more important to back a "contender", than endorse the candidate with ideals that reflect my own (ok, except for a few nuttier ones).
And everyone 'round here, that matters to me, KNOWS exactly whose
as-yet unconfiscated property, along the as-yet underdeveloped stretch of road, the 4'X 8' sits on. Of course, this is the northern part of the state, where folks wouldn't even ENTERTAIN a request for an "extra special no trespassing boundary" for a Mass. politico's vacation property, far from their own, apparently unsuitable, state.

MUST be the cheap booze, firearms laws (so far), and diligence against unnecessary "social" taxes.

Posted by: CaptDMO | Jan 26, 2012 6:58:15 PM

Well Cap, I think in this election the choice is between an incumbent who is antagonistic to your ideals and the candidate who is less likely to lose to him. That said, your vote for Ron Paul (I presume) is hardly a waste. We want him to have some influence when it comes time to lay the planks for the party platform.

Posted by: Tom Bowler | Jan 26, 2012 7:40:14 PM