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August 27, 2012

Tea Party and GOP In Sync

The Republican Party was always going to be home to the Tea Party.  Three years down the road from a Washington DC rally that established it as a political force, the Tea Party his mainstream. The Tea Party and GOP are now In sync, according to Wall Street Journal reporter Peter Nicholas.

Not everything is to their taste. Some tea-party activists have never fully warmed to the GOP's presumptive presidential nominee, Mitt Romney.

But in many ways, the convention marks an alignment between the Republican Party and the tea-party movement that is more complete than some imagined only two years ago, when it was unclear whether tea-party energy would strengthen the GOP or distract it by provoking primary-election fights. Some Republicans even had worried the small-government movement could turn into a third party, siphoning off GOP support.

Mainstream media luminaries were hoping the Tea Party would splinter the GOP, but Tea Partiers always knew the path to power was to take over the GOP. 

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"The Republican Party was always going to be home to the Tea Party."
Well..SURE, but like any new home, the cobwebs have to be swept out before moving in (like "10")
The problem I'm seeing with the average citizens
of elected "Tea Party" ilk currently in (ie) the NH house is they must NOW return to private life to their REAL jobs.
You know, kinda' like the founding fathers had to contend with.

Posted by: CaptDMO | Aug 29, 2012 2:35:24 PM