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November 30, 2012

Let's Play Name That Party!

Not far into this Ruth Marcus column entitled Susan Rice and Double Standards, we come to this:

For perspective on this complex question, it helps to return to 1974 and the nomination of another woman, Alice Rivlin, to head the Congressional Budget Office.

As Rivlin tells the story, the office had just been created, she was selected by a search committee — and the House Budget Committee chairman made clear his adamant, gender-based opposition.

“Over his dead body was a woman going to run this organization,” Rivlin recalled at an Atlantic magazine “Women of Washington” lecture last year.

The omission sticks out like a sore thumb.  Who on earth could that dastardly, chauvinistic, bigoted House Budget Committee chairman have been!!? 

Why, that would have been Albert C. Ullman, Democrat from Oregon.  I wonder why Ms. Marcus didn't think it was worth a mention.  Maybe if it been a Republican — she is writing about Rice's supposed mistreatment at the hands of Republicans, after all.  You might think there was some kind of a double standard.

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