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February 05, 2014

Our Casual Liar In Chief

Without batting an eye.  When asked by Bill O'Reilly in his Super Bowl interview about why he opposed school vouchers, the president just casually lied the way he always does.

Asked by Mr. O'Reilly why he opposed school vouchers that "level the playing field" and "give poor people a chance to go to better schools," the president replied, "Actually, every study that's been done on school vouchers, Bill, says that it has very limited impact if any."

Mr. Obama said that the means-tested voucher programs in Milwaukee and Washington, D.C, "didn't actually make that much of a difference," and added, "As a general proposition, vouchers have not significantly improved the performance of kids that are in these poorest communities."

In fact, study after study using gold-standard random-assignment methodology has shown that vouchers not only improve student outcomes but have the biggest impact on low-income minorities. Here's a sampling:

The article by Jason L. Riley went on to list six different studies in which students who participated in the voucher programs showed significant gains over control group students.  And the last of the six studies was one released by the Obama administration.

And the Obama administration itself released a report on the D.C. voucher program in 2010. "The students offered vouchers graduated from high school at a rate 12 percentage points higher (82 percent) than students in the control group (70 percent), an impact that was statistically significant at the highest level," according to a summary. "Students in three of six subgroups tested showed significant reading gains because of the voucher offer after four or more years."

It's about the money.  Obama's problem with voucher programs is the threat they pose to public education labor unions.  The unions are important to Obama because they funnel money to the Democratic party.  The income stream is what matters to Obama.

What benefits Obama is what qualifies as truth, to the point where his dishonesty is ordinary, routine, just his usual practice.  

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Unions mean more than money to the left. They help provide a link to the working class who otherwise have traditional values. The labor vs management conflict mentality translates easily into party identity using the well-crafted imagery of Republicans as the party of corporations. A Party identification, once created is hard to change, especially when fueled by hatred.

Of course, the elitism of the leftist politicians must be constantly hidden behind a false facade of religion and patriotic platitudes. The leftists hope that the values of the average American will eventually be converted to a collectivist mindset by the use of constant PR. Values are subject to change with enough pop culture pressure. Hollywood and the media giants are more than happy to help in that regard. Image is another purview of the entertainment industry and the leftist politicians have learned to master it. Lies come naturally to politicians and actors. It's easy to lie about a voucher program when your very belief system is a well crafted sham.

The Republican party has its own false front, that of the party of fiscal responsibility. We deserve better than Boehner and McConnell. The party must remake it's image into the party of freedom for all Americans. It will have to do it using new media. And we can only hope that the change goes beyond image, but truth and politics seem to be polar opposites.

Posted by: PJ Smith | Feb 6, 2014 11:24:56 AM