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September 12, 2004



Then again, maybe they aren't forged. According to Time Magazine article, "The X Files Of Lt. Bush," with a link I couldn't post:

"But Bill Glennon, a technology consultant in New York City who worked for IBM repairing typewriters from 1973 to 1985, says those experts "are full of crap. They just don't know." Glennon says there were IBM machines capable of producing the spacing, and a customized key — the likes of which he says were not unusual — could have created the superscript th."

Tom Bowler

Not that we're exactly on topic here, but if that's true, Bill Glennon should have no problem identifying the list of typewriter models that would produce those questionable memos, and he should also be able to produce some side by side comparison that are as convincing as the Microsoft Word comparisons floating around the web today.

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