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January 09, 2005



Determine who is stupid--then instead of "educating" (insert defintion here) these stupid people, simply refuse to let them vote. Perhaps Stockman ought to read a few chapters of the very un-conservative "The Wisdom of Crowds".

As an aside, I've long thought Woodrow Wilson one of the most overrated Presidents in our history (LBJ taking the cake in this regard.) It's not because I regard Republican Presidents or Democratic Presidents as on the whole better, or vice versa. The reason is simply Democratic Presidents have been elevated far beyond their true value to the country by academic, and mostly liberal, historians. I could write a thesis about Wilson's role in the Treaty of Versailles and League of Nations alone to make my case.


Do you reckon GWB is a libertarian? To a greater or lesser extent than Kerry?

Tom Bowler

I wouldn't call Bush a libertarian, although I would say, much like us "small L" libertarians, he understands the value and power of liberty. He presides over its advancement in some surprising corners of the world. Kerry, on the other hand, understands his own self interest and his innate superiority over the rest of us lesser beings. He is definitely not libertarian by any stretch of the imagination.

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