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January 07, 2006


Fred Fry

I suspect that later this year someone is going to trip over a warehouse full of Saddam's WMD.

That would probably good last nail in the Dem's casket.

OK they can always claim that when we attacked that we didn't know that he was training terrorists, so this evidence doesn't count, and that it doesn't justify the war, as it was for WMD...

Tom Bowler

Whether they trip over a warehouse full, or find the ledger sheet that says where the weapons were sent while good buddy Hans was pantomiming a search, we can hope the result will be the same -- the last nail.

Mainstream press priorities are fascinating. This is a story that has no importance, but they'll publish classified information about surveilance of terrorists.


"I suspect that later this year someone is going to trip over a warehouse full of Saddam's WMD."

It diddn't happen nor will it happen. Even the Old Tuiawatha "WMD" site has been beaten to death.

Oh, and the NewsMax Article cited:

claims of Iraq war critics who have maintained for three years that Saddam Hussein had no connection whatsoever to Islamic terrorism.
(Emphasis mine)

possible -but no connection 9/11.

Tom Bowler

DDT, Your emphasis on Islamic terrorism strikes me as just so much hair splitting. No doubt signs posted at the entrances to terror training camps read, "Muslims need not apply."

I confess to some puzzlement on the lefty Democrat defense of Saddam Hussein. It's really a remarkable turn of events that had him as a threat to the civilized world in 1998 and a model world citizen by 2003.

And finally, why do you cling to the notion that there needed to be a direct connection to 9/11?

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