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January 22, 2006



This is NOT revenge, this is making the court live under the laws they create for the rest of us. These men in black have no concept of what it is like in the real world. Most of them were Judges for a very long time before becoming Justices. And all of them (that participated in this decision) were on the court more than 12 years. This will be a reminder that they too live under the laws they are writing. Perhaps writing would be too controversial....how about creating out of thin air?

It would be revenge if the people whose land was taken were taking Souter's land. But they are not. IF it is taken, it will be taken under the authority that SOUTER himself created, and taken BY the local government.

Seems fair to me.

Tom Bowler

Oh, I think there's an element of revenge in it. But what's wrong with that? Any of us could be affected by his decision. No reason why he shouldn't be, as well.

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