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February 21, 2006



Plame was under cover in the US investigating using the NSA, what she found there was so horrible that we had to get the truth out about the investigation of political parties by the US govern
ment. Plame let the truth be known about the NSA being used by the US government to investigate domestic political parties. She is a true American hero and patriot and making America safe for all Americans and......... the world.

The Gray Monk

This will be an interesting case, one that will expose a great deal of the hypocrisy of the "media" and of the "civil liberties" arguments. After all, in the 1950's Britain's nuclear and military secrets were handed to the Russians under the guise of "civil liberty" and "humanitarian" interests by that traitor Kim Philby and his fellow "Cambridge spies".

There are times when reporters who compromise national security deserve everything they get. Watergate was one thing, exposing a politician's breaking the law; exposing an instrument of State when it is operating within the law to defend the nation, is another. That is treason.

Tom Bowler

Anon, I think you're a bit confused. I'll be very surprised if it turns out that Valerie Plame had anything at all to do with the NSA terrorist monitoring at any time in her career.

Monk, you bring up an excellent point when you make the distinction between the NSA monitoring and Nixon's Watergate dirty tricks.

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