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April 21, 2006


P. Froward

11 degrees (F or C) is a hell of a lot. "Less than 11 degrees" is better than "more than 11 degrees", certainly, but it's still not saying much.

richard mcenroe

"Expect rioting and demonstrations against Duke."

With bonfires and effigies? Nice big smoky, ashy bonfires and effigies?



geophysics professors at the University of Chicago warned those who eat red meat that their increased flatulence contributes to greenhouse gases.

Red meat causes flatulence? I thought it was legumes like beans.


Obviously we're talking second hand flatulence here. Apparently some moron is feeding cows legumes.

I haven't been in farm country lately but it must be getting brutal out there.

Tom Bowler

We're really reaching for bizarre examples of humanity's rape of the environment when we start hearing about passing gas as a factor. If flatulence is really a problem, maybe we all need to stop breathing in and out. Has anyone thought of trying to assess disastrous impact human respiration has had on the planet?


Strangely life expectancy continues to rise. I guess until the big apocalyptic effects of global warming hit then we all die. Now who are the religious nuts again?

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