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June 03, 2006


Sissy Willis

Great post -- Thanks for doing all the hard work of cherrypicking salient points. My favorite of McGaffrey's bullet points is #12:

"There is a rapidly growing animosity in our deployed military forces toward the U.S. media. We need to bridge this gap. Armies do not fight wars - countries fight wars."

I'm assuming the media will now turn on McGaffrey as a traitor to their cause of bringing down Bush.

Tom Bowler

Thanks, Sissy. Actually I think MSM are in denial over what McCaffrey wrote. In a post that took Brit Hume to task for cherry picking the positives from that very same memo, Media Matters made a point of highlighting the negatives. I think they'll continue to claim him as a critic on the strength statements like, 13th U.S. public diplomacy and rhetoric about confronting Iranian nuclear weapons is scaring neighbors in the Gulf. They will simply ignore. Just the way the Post article passing reference to McCaffrey's trip and no mention of his memo of findings.

In the opening paragraph the Post claims "...even McCaffrey was surprised to find himself in the Oval Office this week..." Come on! How surprised could he have been? Who asked him to go to Iraq?

I like #12 too.

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