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June 12, 2006


Sissy Willis

Exactly. Oh, and by the way, the storm will bring lots of rain, which Florida needs to fend of wildfires, but don't confuse agenda drivers with the facts.

ny patriot

No offense guys, but the media reports what the public wants to read. The more fascinating the story, the greater the interest level. Why do you think murder, death and mayhem get so much on the nightly news? Because it keeps the moths near the flame.

Last year, one of the 3 biggest stories of the year was undoubtedly Hurrican Katrina and its subsequent impact on those who lve in the Gulf Coast area and the impact on energy prices. Ignoring related stories (i.e. more hurricanes this season) would not only be journailistic irresponisibility it would be a stupid business decision for the media corporations.

Oh right - it's the media's fault for reporting more bad news. I forgot, Fox only broadcasts rosey administration stories.

Hairy Carrot

I've started to get all of my political news from the Weather Channel.


Bring on the global warming! I've lived up north a long time, I could do with a warm summer or two. I've heard so many wonderful stories about this warming trend - yet I still seem to see high temps in the 50's in June. This makes me despondent.

So, how does one go about lobbying FOR global warming? *grin*

Tom Bowler

Yeah, I'm ready for some global warming! This weather has been so awful I had to turn the heat back on. Summer must be at least a month late this year.

ny patriot

"how does one go about lobbying FOR global warming?"

move to Las Vegas (108 degrees)

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