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July 25, 2006


Diane Clark

It is amazing to me that you folks call on Joe Wilson for anything. The lack of honesty and character of this man is breath-taking. Have you folks no researchers. In just a minute or two I found out Wilsons second wife Jacquline a French diplomat and last known as a lobbyist for the country of Gabon. The French colony of Gabon is an oil producer, Charles de Gaulle created in 1965 Elf Aquitaine state controlled of course. The oil company also served as an important intelligence service covertly collecting information on the African nations. Wilson is tied up in the Iraq oil-for-food scandal. Wilson ran his company International Ventures out of an investment company called Rock Creek Corp. Rock Creek a family owned business of Alamoudi a naturalized citizen was sentenced to 276 months in jail, he plead guilty to three federal offenses all terrorism related. The french undercover agent testified he planted the forged documents about Niger in Italy. France also swayed Turkey entry into NATO saying they would vote no if they allowed US to use Turkey for the Iraq war. So in essenses France screwed us. Do some research give the facts and let us decide, isn't that what you are suppose to do?

Tom Bowler

When you say "you folks" in your opening sentence, what folks are you talking about?

In making this particular argument I pick on Joe Wilson for that quote because he's a vocal critic of the Bush strategy in the War on Terror. The point, though perhaps not as clear as it should be, is that the arguments from the left about the hopelessness of it are not only wrong but dishonest.

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