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July 23, 2006


Walter M. Clark

Vietnam has continued to be misconstrued and used as a weapon against US involvement anywhere. There's a good book out that re-examines Vietnam and determines the war was overwhelmingly won by the US, South Vietnamese and allies, then given away by the Congress in 1975. I'm packing to move soon so I don't have the book right in front of me, but the title is something like "Unheralded Victory." I picked it up at Barnes & Noble last year in paperback and the arguement is impossible to deny.

I just hope and pray the Democrats and the rest of the Left won't be able to defeat democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq like they did in South Vietnam. This time we won't be able to slink away and hide behind our nuclear weapons. The terrorists are on a mission from Allah and want to die for their cause as long as they can take as many infidels as possible with them.

Tom Bowler

Thanks. I'll look for that book.

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