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August 18, 2006


ny patriot

it's going to be interesting...

Though the majority of the state's residents consider themselves independent (by almost a 2-to-1 marging over combined registered democrats and republicans) the state usually votes decidedly Democratic in most national elections. However, the state's voters are not disinclined to vote for a viable independent candidate, as evidenced by the election of Lowell Weicker as Governor back in the late 80's and Perot's strong showing in the '92 presidential election.

With that said, I do not discount Lieberman winning the senatorial election come November, but I got a funny feeling that the Democrats and indepenednt-democrats who in today's poll say they are in favor of Lieberman can and will be swayed/pressured by the anti-Bush/anti-Iraq fervor that will surely play a dominant role in the elections come November.

Tom Bowler

You may be right, and independent voters may succumb to the anti-Bush fervor, but it's possible for them to be swayed in just the opposite direction as well. Hezbollah's victory in Lebanon may have a sobering effect, particularly on Jewish voters who are traditionally Democratic.

Either way, it'll be interesting.

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