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August 30, 2006



Like all Senators, he talks a good game and I even like what he has to say. But he hasn't done squat in the Senate... and he's working with a majority there. If he can't get anything done in the Senate as a Senator, what makes anyone think he'll get anything done as President?

Actions speak, and from what I've seen he's got no actions to speak of. Pretty sad.

Senators make very bad Presidential candidates. They get too used to playing the game there and making deals. The Senate is never about sticking to your guns under pressure and all about - giving someone something so they'll give you something in return. It doesn't translate well into leadership.

Tom Bowler

History bears you out, I think. The last senator to win the presidency was John F. Kennedy and that was 1960.

On the subject of this senator, I don't have any particular quarrel with Frist, and I think he may be something of a stealth Senate leader. He seems not to accomplish anything, but he did get some judicial nominees through, and the Supreme Court is in pretty good shape now. That's a big deal.

Too soon for me to make a judgement, but if I had to choose between Frist and McCain, I'd pick Frist.

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