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August 14, 2006



You panic way too easy and this is skewing your perspective on reality my friend. I suggest meditation. As for terrorism - statistically you are way far more likely to die from chronic cardiac disease - so the meditaiton will help you there as well.

Tom Bowler

Panic? No panic here, my friend. Statistically I'm guaranteed to die. But as for meditation to help my perspective on reality -- try telling it to the Israelis.

Ol' BC

So true, Tom. All the meditation in the world isn't going to help you if some Islamo-nut decides martyrdom is what it's all about. Why the MSM continues to romance these nut cases makes absolutely no sense. The best thing we can do is to be certain that Israel is well supplied and stay out of their way. The entire region over there is committed to the eradication of Israel, so let's ALLOW them to act accordingly.

Tom Bowler

Well BC, that is the question. Will the Israelis be allowed to defend themselves? Acceptance of a cease fire says, no. That Hezbollah refuses to disarm may put it into an entirely different light, and give Israel a U.N. fully sanctioned right to finish them off for their refusal to abide bide the cease fire. We shall see. There is enormous sentiment for appeasing Hezbollah, particularly in the press.

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