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September 20, 2006


Improbulus Maximus

This is a sticky situation. The liberals have lowered the bar for the behavior of special investigators, and no matter what the Republicans do, it will be turned into a liberal victory. If Fitzgerald is investigated or prosecuted, the liberals will scream about partisan revenge, and will use it as an excuse to attack the next special investigator that will inevitably be called to look into matters of the next liberal president, thus making it far easier for the next liberal criminal-in-chief to get away with murder. If he isn't investigated or prosecuted, then they've gotten away with another miscarriage of justice. The only goal of liberals is to destroy our country and way of life.

Tom Bowler

Well, truth be told I don't think it's a goal of liberals to destroy our way of life, but I do agree with your point about an investigation of Fitz turning into a liberal victory. Recognizing that it might pretty tough on Libby, I think the best outcome is for the case to go to trial where I believe Libby will be exhonerated. Who knows what interesting stuff will come out when reporters take the stand.

Improbulus Maximus

Why not Tom? What makes you think they're not out to destroy our way of life when all the evidence of the past century-plus of liberal activism in the West shows that is exactly what they're doing, and exactly as laid out in the works of Marx, Lenin, et al? Liberals are an enemy in our midst, just as sure as the muslims in their intent to destroy our civilization. They even both have the same goal - one world government - but with slighty different visions of tyrannical splendor.
Just look at the world "leaders" the liberals support: Castro, Chavez, Mugabe, Kim, et al. They support dictators unconditionally, and want to spread their dystopian visions to the free world by destroying our social order and undermining the democratic process. Wake up and stop believing the crap that they say, and watch what they do. They are traitors, and should meet a traitor's fate.

Tom Bowler

Well Max, I think it's a case of their being badly misguided. For the most part they believe their utopian nonsense. It's true, there are some who simply want to destroy America, believing that because America is capitalist it's evil, and some of those guys might fall into the category of traitor. But I think your run of the mill American lefty just has no idea of the consequences of what they propose. Utterly oblivious to microeconomic history they're convinced that if we can just make it a law that we have to share all the wealth, things will be just like they are in America, only better. They are mostly clueless, not evil.

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