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September 04, 2006



I keep thinking that this guy wants absolutely airtight security. Unfortunately a goal like that is damn near impossible to obtain. Even though FAA statistics show that flying is safe, I think the columnist in question is looking at whether flying will be safe from those with neferious schemes in mind.

While there are still some things that could be done to make it less likely that some Islamofascist Pinheads will make it on board a jet at some point, I doubt very much that we can promise it will never ever happen.

I have two ideas that HSA might consider if it ever becomes necessary to tighten down airline security even more: Make everyone fly naked or issue every adult passenger a gun as they board. If it gets really bad, do both....

Tom Bowler

Both of your ideas present intriguing possibilities and while they may not enhance airline safety, they would certainly add to the excitement of air travel.

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