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October 07, 2006



Great post, Tom. I think it was Cassandra who coined the term MSM/DNC, as if they were one. They do seem to be.

When liberals complain about "right-wing" press bias, I have to laugh.

Tom Bowler

Thanks, Giacomo. The right wing bias that liberals complain about is really the absence of a blatantly liberal bias. The liberals who complain about it are quite serious, of course.

It's really kind of bizarre but I think liberals believe people are liberals because they are good. That's how you recognize them. Conservatives on the other hand are not good people. Why else would they be conservative? Pretty smart, huh?


That's why you usually don't see anyone in the press, or other liberals, denounce one who makes a "Nazi" comment about a conservative. It's why the denizens of DU can spew venom without remorse. Conservatives are evil, so although it may be complete nonsense, they deserve it. How do you know they're evil? They're not liberal.

And, because conservatives are evil, anything that's done to beat them in elections, anything at all, is A-OK.

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