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January 02, 2008



Something got too warm elsewhere and caused all this snow. Yeah... that's it.

Tom Bowler

No doubt.

Assistant Village Idiot

Concord also set records, and I am sure Goffstown's fall was well above anything I'd seen in 30 years.

Funny. I was sort of looking forward to global warming. It's less trouble than moving, y'know? Much better to have the warm weather come here, rather than have to go someplace with a bunch of furriners to find it.

harrold rufus wertmuller

The melting of the arctic ice cap reduces the planetary reflectance of sunlight off earth. This amplifies global warming, but it also increases water vapor in cold northern latitudes. Hence, very possibly, more snow in North America. Global warming does not mean all locations at all times, equally.

Tom Bowler

You could also make the opposite argument, that the increased water vapor would very possibly increase cloud cover which would have a cooling effect.

Isn't it fun to speculate on the possible result from a possible increase or a possible decrease in a variable that might possibly affect temperature in one way or another. It's such a departure from our certainty of disaster at the prospect of an atmospheric component increasing from .0275% of the whole to .0340%. That is if we really can rely on ice core samples and tree rings as an accurate gauge of CO2 levels in the atmospher thousands of years ago.

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