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May 11, 2008


Luis Dias

Hmmm. Okay. Basically you say that lawyers are "democrats", and that they will give a lot of money to democrats hence they'll do nothing against lawyers. I'll bite that. What I don't understand is the implicit notion that republicans are somehow spared of lawyer's money.

Let's be real here. If lawyers are spending a lot of money on democrats, its not out of ideology. Its out of gambling chances. Democrats will probably win this year, hence they spend in there. If it were reps they'd spend in reps. There's been a long time since I believe in honesty in politics.

Mack Clapton

Luis - Having worked alongside lawyers for almost 20 years, I can assure you the political spread (in my region anyways) is about 90/10 in favor of the Democratic party. And while they may "gamble" with their $$$ on both sides of the aisle, there is only one side they WANT to see succeeding. (Hint: D) Its one thing to toss a donation towards a political campaign... its another thing to actively campaign on their behalf. -Mack

Al Fin

At the grassroots level, republicans line up with small and medium size businesses, and democrats line up with unions and trial lawyers. Yes, it is a matter of ideology. Unions and trial lawyers are parasitic on business and commerce. Democrats are parasites.

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