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September 15, 2008



I'm shocked this story isn't getting more attention. Even McCain supporters aren't talking about it that much.


I hope for everyone's sake this is not true.
If it is proven true it would be a blow the democratic party might not recover from for years.


Of course it is false. There were a number of Bush administration officials at this “private meeting” as well as Republican and Democratic staffers from Congress. But McCain and neoconservatives in general like to run with a story and look for the facts later. There is a good rundown here:

Amir Taheri is a neoconservative. Neoconservative organizations such as the Weekly Standard The New York Post, and most of the American Enterprise Institute represent a stunningly anti-conservative agenda, but somehow managed to hijack the Republican Party foreign policy apparatus.

Taheri wrote a column "A Colour Code for Iran's Infidels" that was shown to be false and was retracted by the initial paper that ran it. Usually, such shoddy reporting means that future articles by the same author should be taken with a grain of salt until confirmed by other sources. But neoconservative publications are known for looser standards.

There is a good run-down of Taheri false article and neoconservatives here:

The most reliable repository for Conservative/Libertarian thought can be found at the CATO institute and its web site. But “Libertarian Leanings” is not a Conservative or Libertarian web site, and so the sources are not Conservative publications.

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