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September 04, 2008



I was also impressed with Gov. Palin's speech last night. She pulled no punches and said what a lot of us have been waiting some time to hear.


I approve of the Palin pick.

She gave an exellent speech.

It is a shame that she was introduced by neocon loud-mouthed twit Rudy Giuliani.

Equally absurd is giving AIPAC mouthpiece Lieberdolt the closing speech Tuesday rather than Fred Thompson.

Giuliani and McSham, who both pander to Lieberdolt, are major factors in the neocon takeover of the Republican party foreign policy apparatus, and thus two major reasons why the Republican Party is a mess. I guess that explains why they both got 10:00 speaking slots.

By all appearances, Governor Palin is a true conservative.

Which is why she was not McCain's first choice.

Or his second.

She was rightly critical of the invasion of Iraq.

And she has praised, on numberous occasions, a Republican who John McCain would not allow to speak -- Ron Paul.

This link sums up the problem with the current Republican ticket -- and the problem is not Palin.

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