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September 12, 2008



It is this kind of silly Hugh Hewitt nonsense about lipstick and whining about media coverage that has put the Republican Party in the position that it is in.

McCain and his staff just aren't that competent.

When you say something patently stupid, you cannot blame the media for reporting it.

You are not doing a very good job of referencing actual conservative sources such as the CATO institute or -- which note that McCain just doesn’t make very accurate comments.

People like Hugh Hewitt and other Republican Party hacks are not good sources for forming an opinion.

Here is a good Army Times piece on a typical McCain screw-up.

PJ Smith

Actually, the author of that piece just seems to be a bit biased and not very well informed. McCain was right about the overweight, underperforming "failure" FCS, and he is probably still right. FCS has undergone a major revamp, is a lot less ambitious, and is beginning to incorporate more proven technology and it may actually work... someday. It was being "hard sold" to Congress and Mccain smelled the smoke from overcooked pork. If only more in Congress were like McCain with little love for earmarks and pork, the Republican party might still be running Congress instead of "the position it is in."


The Army times is now part of the liberal conspiracy?

You did not read the article carefully. The article notes, as you did, that McCain was critical of FCS. It then notes that Obama made statements critical of FCS.

To which McCain responded at a campaign stop:

“He (Obama) promised them he would, quote, ‘slow our development of Future Combat Systems,’” McCain said, according to wire reports. “This is not a time to slow our development of Future Combat Systems.”

Again, when McCain opens his mouth and says something blatantly contradictory or stupid, he is going to look foolish.

PJ Smith

Gee. McCain said that complete with the capitalization? I'm so impressed with your intuitive understanding of McCain's intent that I can hardly contain myself!

Like the article states, some disagree with the author's presumption that McCain's criticism of Obama's statements was referring to FCS. I'm one of those. I think JM mistakenly took opposition to the Messiah wanting to defund future combat systems; not much of a stretch if you have read BO's quotes regarding his proposed future for American military power.

The Military times accepts articles from multiple political viewpoints, unlike its New York and Los Angeles namesakes.

I've understood that FCS has seen large cuts in scope and weight and has been regarded as somewhat improved. Apparently, not enough to impress the logical choice for our next President. I'll bow to his informed wisdom on the subject.

If, by the way, you seriously believe that Barry wasn't being "too cute by half" and playing to his audience with the pig comment, then you're hopelessly committed to your course and I owe Tom an apology for leaving crumbs for his blogroaches.


"Like the article states, some disagree with the author's presumption that McCain's criticism of Obama's statements was referring to FCS."

If by some you mean the McCain campaign staff, you are correct. McCain made reference to a specific Obama statement, and Obama was referring to FCS.

If you think the McCain campaign is doing a good job, so be it. It's doing the job I pretty much expected -- lousy.

A week after the Republican convention, Obama has 273 electoral votes.

Neither this election, or the Bush election with Kerry would have been close if a competant Conservative were representing the Republican Party.

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