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September 17, 2008



The statement that Palin sold the jet on e-bay, for a profit, came directly from McCain's acceptance speech. So did you not listen to that speech, or are you the one who is lying by implying that Marcus made it up?


correction - it was not in his RNC speech, it was in a campaign speech the next day, but the (widely reported) words were directly out of McCain's mouth.


And Palin was present when he said it, McCain was introducing her. So she lied by omission, letting the falsehood stand, and he either lied or didn't care what the truth was.

Tom Bowler

You are correct, that McCain actually did say the jet was sold on eBay for a profit. But I think you and Ms. Marcus very nicely buttress the point of my last paragraph.

"...expect the liberal media to treat every revenue projection with which they disagree, every policy disagreement with Democrats, every gaffe, as a lie which they will write and broadcast endlessly about."

You accuse McCain of making the assertion once with Palin present. I imagine he said it only once because she corrected him on it afterward. It's minutiae. Meaningless. But it's a story left wing pundits will be flogging every day between now and the election so they can avoid discussions that might veer into the very real qualification deficits of Obama and Biden.


I was just correcting your clear (and condescending) error, so I don't know what that buttresses. But I agree that the real issues are elsewhere. E.g., continuing with Palin, a vice presidential candidate who has had a passport for all of one year, talking aggressively about war with Russia. I don't think that regime change in Iraq and taking sides in the two-sided issue of South Ossetia are very libertarian.

Tom Bowler

The banner at the top says, "Ruminations of a New Hampshire Republican with decidedly libertarian leanings." The goal of regime change in Iraq actually became U.S. policy in the Clinton administration, so you are correct. It is not libertarian. It's an abandoned Democratic policy. But then, I'm an admitted Republican and I've believed from the outset that regime change in Iraq was exactly the right move from a strategic standpoint. Taking the side of Georgia is also the right move.

The point that you buttress is the one about the liberal media's focus on supposed lies by McCain and Palin so that any mention of Barack Obama's complete lack of anything whatever that qualifies him to be president of the United States can be avoided. As if Sarah Palin's passport is relevant to anything. I guess it's something to talk about.

Unscripted Thoughts

I tend to agree that a McCain win will cause his every step, word and deed to be under the microscope. Therefore, if he wants to really succeed and make a difference, during his inauguration speech McCain should announce that he will serve for only one the kids in the clubhouse (aka:Congress) better get ready to work. Then proceed to tear them all a new assh*le using his Executive powers to shut down as much of the nonsense as possible and force them to deal with real problems instead of creating new ones.

Moreover, if he really wants to garner the support of the US electorate, call for Congress to immediately review and rank all spending programs currently in effect. Then tell them he intends to cut the bottom 20% and give it to the top 20%. Viola! No need to raise taxes or lower them. All it takes is for Congress to do the hard work we elected them to do and they are rewarded so well for.

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