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October 29, 2008



The following Conservative analysis at the Cato institute adequately explains that our national security, our power and influence, and the balance of power in the Middle East as it relates to our interests, continue to deteriorate every day we extend the Bush neocon policy of occupation in Iraq -- a policy John McCain seeks to continue indefinitely.

Tom Bowler

The article you cite provides no answers, only questions. It talks about a "sense of diminishing influence," not the actual loss of influence. You can expect a libertarian organization like Cato to be almost pacifist in its position on Iraq. Don't expect a libertarian leaning Republican to necessarily take that stance or to find that article particularly persuasive.

Besides, diplomatic intrigue among the mideast nations and Russia may be a reaction to the prospect of an Obama presidency and the anticipated weakening of American resolve that comes with it.


"(The article) talks about a "sense of diminishing influence," not the actual loss of influence."

What exactly do you think a sense of diminshing influence means? It doesn't mean they sense diminshing influence in the future. It doesn't mean people sense the possibility that there may be diminishing influence. It means people sense diminishing influence.

As for CATO being "pacifist", that's ridiculous. CATO will always support military operations that are in our national security interests.

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