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October 23, 2008


LT Nixon

The M-16/M-4 is considered a status symbol for the Iraqi Army as opposed to the AK-47, and the Iraqi Ministry of Defense is always trying to buy more of them.

Smithington is not a news site but rather a site that posts commentary on recent military and global news events. While their "articles" sound insightful, if you've been to site long enough, you'll realize that most of what is written is pure fantasy and almost everything the articles say turn out to be false. For one thing, they've been putting out weekly articles for the last three years spinning the latest news from Iraq as the final death-knell of the insurgency.

If you still think the site is "insighfull" and the "perfect anti-dote for the wide-eyed panic merchants parading as newscasters", consider this: James Dunnigan, the founder of the site and the person who writes most of the articles was drafted in the 60s and served as a rocket repair techincian for a missile battery ( HE HAS NO OTHER MILITARY EXPERIENCE. Basically, by reading, you are reading the ramblings of a glorified missile mechanic.

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