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November 02, 2008



I honestly lost track of the libertarian leanings of either John McCain or Sarah Palin. McCain sponsored the trashing of First Amendment rights to pay for political speech and now wants Federal takeover of all troubled mortgages. Palin presides over a state that has a public image of rugged individualism but in reality is funded by a tax on resource extraction. And her record of support for public financing for private athletic passions does not exactly inspire any fan of limited government to swoon in delight.

Perhaps it would be useful to compare the response of the Israeli government and the US government to the threat of the use of an airliner as a missile. The Israelis figured out the threat in the 1990's after the threat was presented but not yet realized, and then armored cockpit doors and armed pilots. The American government waited to figure out the threat until after it was carried out a decade later, and then invaded and occupied a country that had nothing to do with the attack (at the cost of trillions of dollars), tortured suspects, set up permanent detention in Cuba, eavesdropped on any conversation it wanted to, made airline travel a pain instead of a pleasure, and ran record Federal deficits that will take decades to undo. One of these is a sane response to a threat and the other isn't. In my opinion, the Republican response to the 9/11 attack has been orders of magnitude more damaging to the American people than the attack itself.

Ron Bengtson

"It is important to understand that energy independence does not mean closed borders or economic isolation. Energy independence will be achieved by producing abundant, clean and affordable domestic energy through new technology that will enable all countries to do the same. The path to American Energy Independence leads to global energy independence."


Liberals and socialists are like vampires. Just when you think you killed them, they come back to life. They continue feeding on the blood of the workers and taxpayers. They promise heaven on earth to young people without telling them the price of becoming one of the undead.

McCain and Palin have a chance to be vampire slayers. Let's help them put the stakes through the heart.....!!!

Libertarians For Barack Obama

Why would Libertarians want to support or believe more Republican lies?

...and hypocrisy? Such as BIG SPENDING aka Republican Socialism

--"spread-the-wealth" stimulus checks,
--creating a Medicare [socialized] Drug Plan,
--spending hundreds of billions on war,

and let's not forget Bush's initiation and push of the...
--$700 billion dollar bank/Wall Street bailouts/government [Fannie/Freddie] takeovers using tax dollars that Republicans close their eyes to and think it isn't "Socialism" when it actually is.

As far as "spreading the wealth" ahh, that's actually "Capitalism" and in Obama's case he's NOT handing out welfare checks to non-workers -- his plan is to let middle class WORKERS aka "Income Earners" KEEP what they have EARNED. That is not "Socialism".

As far as the wealthy, they would be at Clinton era tax rates, when the rich were actually able to make money because the economy was pretty good.

Capitalism includes workers providing services in exchange for money AND then spending the money "THAT THEY EARN".

Businesses NEED customers with money to spend on their services and products, otherwise they are out-of-business.

Capitalism IS about "spreading-the-wealth" and circulating cash and making loans -- NOT billions sitting in some billonaire's vault collecting dust.

What good is that?

Otherwise see what you have now, NO MONEY CIRCULATION, NO loans, NO job growth, No income to buy things and grow businesses.

And most "Voter Fraud" is committed by the Republican Party -- using "VOTER SUPPRESSION" and hacked "Voting Machine Programs" not ACORN or Mickey Mouse actually voting.

When intelligent Libertarians examine Barack Obama, they see his high intelligence and intellect as an asset, conducive to rational [libertarian-style] thinking.

Combined with his background as a civil rights lawyer and a constitutional law professor who is favorable to voluntary, free community organization, and who as a Senator, took a daring stand against the Iraq War — it becomes easy to see that Barack Obama is more “libertarian” than not.

McCain is highly “pro-war” which would mean at least another four “Bush Years” of endless billion dollar [war] occupations, plus more BIG GOVERNMENT SPENDING, “taxes-from-the-middle-class-to-finance-wealthy-tax-cuts” and “socialized” corporate profits/bailouts with little, if any “trickle down” effect of job growth which, by the way, has NOT happened in spite of Bush’s tax cuts provided to big corporations and the Warren Buffet wealthy.

Just as bad, is voting for Bob Barr, who would be a dangerous “wasted vote” this year. After all -- he’s NOT going to win.

“Wasted Votes” and [conservative] Libertarians who voted for G. W. Bush,[2000/2004] helped Bush win two terms — and those “Neo-Con Libs” helped enable the incompetant, religious conservative, G. W. Bush -- to take us from a “Democratic Budget Surplus/Thriving Economy” to a “Republican Record Deficit/Expensive War/Economic Meltdown.

Obama is the best [major] candidate to work on these top libertarian reforms:

1) Iraq withdrawal
2) restoring the separation of church and state
3) easing off victimless crimes such as drug use
4) curtailing the Patriot Act.

...and favoring
5) a ban on torture
6) gay rights
7) privacy
8) free speech
9) pro-choice

but also...
10) against a ban on flag burning

Libertarians living in the real world know that only Obama or McCain can actually win.

And in that real world, Bob Barr is an ex-CIA Republican -- and on that basis he is questionable as being truly “Libertarian”. Because Bob Barr spend most of his political career as a rather right-wing conservative Republican, many long-time Libertarians don’t see him as a “true” Libertarian but some sort of right-wing conservative Republican infiltrator.

With a history of hostile right-wing conservative Republicans infiltrating the Libertarian Party over the years, and it confirms my point when Bob Barr's LP VP, Mr. Root is featured on a "Libertarian Republican" blog. They have driven out long-time, true Libertarians and founders.

This hostile LP take-over by conservative Republicans is not easily forgotten — and well, as a backlash — I can see a lot of Libertarians wanting to get Republicans out of power.

And the best way to do this is by voting for Obama and a straight Democratic ticket.


While I cannot support John McCain, I think the "Libertarians for Barack Obama" go way too far in attempting to spin Obama into an individualistic mold.

Obama has not proposed any actual legislative easing of the insane War on Some Drugs -- just some nibbling around the edges of enforcement. He is a consistent foe of gun owners -- more so than Bill and Hillary Clinton ever were. He believes in government redistribution of wealth as a good in its own right. He wants dramatic increases of government control of the economy, especially in energy and health care.

And the proposal that libertarians should vote a "straight Democratic ticket", regardless of who is running for Congress, is repulsive and counterproductive.

The sad fact is that the national political machinery of both major parties is now completely severed from American individualist roots and resembles classic European Socialist and Conservative parties. And the Libertarian Party is moribund and ineffective. It's pretty damn grim out there.

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