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December 03, 2008


So what does the Republican Party need to do to get the youth vote back?
Umm...Demand proved competence in promotion consideration? Teach unrevised history? Demonstrate unintended consequence? Explain Cause and effect? Explain to "Harvard" students (and professors) why the basis of all those parables, apologues, myths, and fables, developed to inspire children and other illiterates so long ago, remain just as poignantly applicable today?


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And what about that recent Union Leader-sparked hoo-haw, right here in the NH GOP?


I was glad to see the lefty illuminati avoided the super majority. I think that a lot of people who usually voted republican, voted for Obama in the presidential because they wanted to distance themselves from Bush

Ol' BC

A great number of those who voted for Obama didn't realize the that Democrats controlled Congress.

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