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January 09, 2009


Chris Ash

Your blog is one of the very few that has remained on my feed list for any significant length of time. I really enjoy your commentary and hope that the passion to post more frequently returns, but I'll take what I can get. :-) Best of wishes for 2009!

David Shea

I really enjoy your blog, I've told lots of people about it. At whatever rate you post you've got an audience! On a loosely related note, are you familiar with The Strategy Room? Weekdays usually 9-5. you would probably like it. :-D

Brian Monahan

Tom, I met you while taking a history class while pursuing my graduate degree. Your classroom observations and comments caused me to seek out your blog. Your blog is an exceptional site. I urge you to persevere. I have no doubt that your passion will return. Your commitment to issues is in your DNA.
I know these are selfish reasons, nevertheless, you definitely have an audience that appreciates your commentary. Whatever your decision, I thank you for your contributions. Brian

Tom Bowler

Thanks and best wishes to you guys as well. Brian, I suspect Chris and David have never been subjected to a slant quite so dramatic as our history professor's, which distilled American history down to a nothing more than series injustices perpetrated by white European males. Contradicting her was an undertaking that involved more and harder work than I'd done in any class I'd ever taken.

I wonder, though, now that Obama is constantly comparing himself Abe Lincoln, will our illustrious professor continue to claim that Lincoln was ignorant. It wouldn't surprise me to find that our 16th president has manage to rehabilitate himself these last few years.

In any case, be assured. I'll perservere. I'll try to write on a daily basis, even though I don't intend to publish on a daily basis. I'd like to put a little more thought and polish into what goes up on Libertarian Leanings. Thanks again for sticking with me.

Ol' BC

Well, Tom, however you wrote and whatever the topic it has been a good read. I hope the fever heats back up one of these days. I'll still check in for a little enlightenment just in case you posted. I think in short order there will be plenty of fodder upon which to opine.

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