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July 04, 2009


Marian Bowler

While I agree that some if not most of the jokes are in very poor taste about the Palin children, come on. Who, really, would believe that in this day and age of twitter, facebook, the complete down turn of the (mainly liberal) media would for a second think that this would not happen. Celebrity lives (which now unfortunately include politicians) have always been fodder for the ignorant masses and late night T.V. joksters. If Gov. Sarah Palin did not think that was included along with the "Secret Service, and speechwriters, and minders vetting your wardrobe," as pointed out by Mr. Steyn, then yes she really does have a lot to learn. And no Obama is not the messiah, yes what the liberals are doing in Washington are ridiculous, but....... alas, someone has to finish last in the classroom that is politics.

Tom Bowler

It remains to be seen what's next for Sarah. From the standpoint of future political aspirations, I would have to say her resignation is not a good move. She may yet prove to be an impact player in the political world, but I have a hard time believing it will be as a candidate for high office. Not finishing her term is not good for the resume.

From a personal standpoint her resignation may have been her only move. As Mr. Steyn says, the PC enforcers are very much OK with subjecting Palin's children to national humiliation. That humiliation will continue as long as Palin continues draw the crowds at her speaking engagements, continues to threaten to liberal dreams of achieving an American socialist utopia.

But Sarah is a fighter. The question is, in what way will she continue the fight.

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