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August 20, 2009



Tell me again why it's NOW entirely permissible for the Executive Branch of gum'mint to
request the not-for-profit, tax exempt, (this means "at taxpayer expense" to SOME "economists") "Churches" (as in church-and-state fame)to carry it's water through their pulpits?

Wasn't there some sort of brew ha ha about that when taxes for abortion, cloning, advance directive, "gay" issues, and "Womans" issues, were being debated amongst the hoi polli, and turning up as poignant rebuttal in public forums, as well as Legislators "answering machines"?

Tom Bowler

I think the more troubling is the back room deal between the White House and the Pharmaceuticals in which the the White House agreed to cap the Pharmaceuticals' expenses at $80 billion. In return the Pharmaceuticals plan to lay out for $150 million to promote Obama's health care reform, with a large chunk of that business going to Axelrod's old consulting firm with which Axelrod's son is still connected. They are lining their own pockets, even if indirectly, and MSM has very little interest in the story. And when you consider how hard they worked trying to create the impression of a Cheney/Haliburton conflict of interest!

Geoff Brown

I suspect the left of the left has kept their bearings better than the more moderate left. The left of the left knows they are after the chance to run people's lives and this is one of their best tools. The middle of the left may be forgetting that goal.
Or not. The middle of the left may want anything that legitimates the concept of the federal government interfering in health care and health care financing. These are folks who are masters at getting the rest of the camel in behind its nose. They're not the only ones but by gosh they're the best.

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