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September 18, 2009



Great reporting...thanks !

Tom Bowler

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.

Lance T. Pfeifer

Great write up! It was an awesome day!

Tom Bowler

Thanks, Lance. It was an awesome day, indeed.

Sissy Willis

Totally awesome reportage, Tom. Best I've seen. I felt like I was there. :-}

Tom Bowler

Thank you, Sissy. It was quite a weekend.

JM Hanes


A little late to the party here, so to speak, but I'm glad Jane posted a link to your recap over at JOM. It was a pretty amazing day in almost every respect, wasn't it? Your observations, and the Brooks excerpt, on the Black Family Reunion were very interesting. I was so busy taking pix on the Tea Party end that I never got that far down the Mall -- although you wouldn't know that from how my feet felt after hours of stepping over, around, and in between at least a couple hundred thousand protesters. If I'd known there was food on offer, I might have hauled my camera paraphernalia down to the Monument!

Tom Bowler

Thanks, JMH. I agree, it was a fabulous day. I took a lot of pictures myself, but they don't compare to the ones you took. I got a look at them at Jane's site, and they are just excellent.

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