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September 28, 2009



Thanks to the apparent Prime Directive of Ms. Pelosi et al, and the machine that has taken it upon themselves to castrate the actual competent career CIA folk, there's no surprise that information "leaked" to the press via traditional means (ie. inform a Congressional panel of ANYTHING) it's no surprise that the well has dried up there.
How refreshing that someone with actual military expertise, and apparent comprehension of military history, as well as a practical experience in Middle Eastern political/sociological science (as opposed to "classroom" time, delusional CAIR duplicity, or a "fact finding" junket or two)has pointed out the turd in the punch
"code" speak that some of us call diplomacy or decorum...

There's no dickin' around with folks that don't play by "the rules". Either set out to win, or quit wasting time, treasure, and lives with an unwinnable Hearts and Minds campaign.
*sigh* Yeah, like Viet Nam with the guidance of "other" foreign "specialists".
(Someone feel free to tell me ONE strategy that Mr. Kissenger was ultimately correct about)

One would think that someone who was eligible to be President by virtue of being born and raised in this country (ahem) wold at LEAST have retained a modicum of the public school taught American History of the successes and failures of Minute Men et al against the "British "rules of war".

Tom Bowler

Cap, you obviously haven't been to school in a long time. The kind of American History you describe has virtually disappeared. Nowadays it's all the rage to look at history through the eyes of America's victims. Anybody who was never a white male of European descent qualifies as a victim.

I certainly agree that Kissinger was vastly overrated.

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