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October 24, 2009


Sissy Willis

Great post. Did you realize George Soros was lurking in the shadows of McCain/Feingold? Check out my post "Let the vox bloguli be heard" for details.

Tom Bowler

Thanks, Sissy. I was not aware, but I'm not surprised, that Soros was a big pusher of campaign finance reform. Funny you should mention Ryan Sager. Right around the time you posted Vox Bloguli, I was posting about the Pew Charitable Trust because of a Sager article in the New York Post about their involvement. All the old links are dead, but I had the foresight to post Sager's article in its entirety. It began:

March 17, 2005 -- CAMPAIGN-FINANCE reform has been an immense scam perpetrated on the American people by a cadre of left-wing foundations and disguised as a "mass movement."

But don't take my word for it. One of the chief scammers, Sean Treglia, a former program officer of the Pew Charitable Trusts, confesses it all in an astonishing videotape I obtained earlier this week.

I also downloaded the "astonishing videotape" and just this morning uploaded it to Typepad, so that you can download it or view it here. You have to go twenty minutes or more into it to get to Tregia's account of Pew's involvement, but there is very good background about foundations leading up to it.

Sissy Willis

Why can't these people stop meddling and get a life?

Mike in NH

These people are thugs, pure and simple. Always enjoy the posts, Tom.

Tom Bowler

Thanks, Mike. Glad you enjoy them.

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