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October 01, 2009



Perry switched his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican during the Reagan years, is a former editor at Newsmax and has done a conservative column there nearly weekly for the past ten years.

Nice try, but fail.

Tom Bowler

If you have a link to any resource that bears you out on this you ought to provide it. A Federal Election Commission search shows several people named John Perry, but the one that would most seem to fit his Newsmax bio (old enough to have done time in the Johnson and Carter administrations) is retired and living in Arlington, VA. His recent contributions went to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, DNC Services Corporation/Democratic National Committee, James H. Webb, and Barack Obama.

Bill in Knoxville

I read Perry's article and thought that might be an acceptable way to handle our "Obama problem," and believe me, we DO have an Obama problem. If it's not checked, it is going to turn into an "American problem"...as in becoming a Third World socialist nation deep in poverty and with a KGB-syle internal police force. If the military would step up and tell President Moonbeam to cease and desist in destroying America, I believe millions of Americans would stand beside them. Including me.

Tom Bowler

I didn't bother to read his article, but in any case I do not agree with you, Bill. Any such action from the military would be a disaster and an end to America as we know it. Have a little faith and a little patience. We have elections, and we have the ingenuity and the resilience of the American people. Military coups are a always a left wing solution, anyway.

Marion Morrison

"Lefties" in "a panic" after a wingnut columnist advocates military overthrow? Who is in "a panic" here, folks.

Personally I've been wondering how far the fanatical right will go to voice their frustrations over a democratic president and congress - a fragment of generations of protracted frustration. I'm thinking John L Perry is only a harbinger, and eventually the hard right will shoot itself in the foot one too many times...

Tom Bowler

Yes, lefties are in a panic. Lefty ideas don't fly all that well for a reason. They're lousy ideas. That's why racism comes into the discussion when the majority of Americans oppose nationalizing health insurance. How far will the far right go? As far as the voting booth, and I have no doubt that it will be plenty far enough.

Lance Hayes

Oh boo hoo. Professor Hutchinson cited to Perry's link so that people could know who the obscure journalist is. And as someone else said, he is a rightwingnut. If someone like Michael Moore advocated a military coup, conservatives would have a meltdown. What hypocrisy.

Tom Bowler

Lance, the point of the post is to question Mr. Perry's rightwingnut credentials. Johnson administration? Carter administrtation? Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions?

Kristo Miettinen

Just to reinforce the point, and refute your first commenter's claim of Perry switching parties in the Reagan years, Perry's column of 12/26/2000 has an explicit disclosure that, at least to that point, Perry was a lifelong Democrat.

Tom Bowler

Do you happen to have a link to that article, Kristo?


If Rush Limbaugh declared himself to be a democrat too would you take him seriously or just wait for the punchline? This guy may call himself a democrat but you are fruit loops if after reading ANY of his articles, or any articles on Newsmax in general, you still think they project ANY of the basic ideals of the democratic party . It's like me trying to argue that Michael Moore is a Republican simply because he says so.

Tom Bowler

Gee, Alice. I didn't know the Democrat party had ideals, other than a lust for power that predominates over everything else. It wasn't always that way. Once upon a time Democrats were champions of liberty and defenders of America, although you'd hardly know it today. Today's Democrat has other ideals.

But there used to be Democrats like Scoop Jackson. Or, how about Zell Miller? Perry could very well have been a Democrat in the mold of Jackson or Miller. Or am I a fruit loop for suggesting it?

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