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November 02, 2009


Geoff Brown

I am sure that President Bush did pay attention to politics in his surge decision. Any elected official represents a political party and has to consider his or her party's national support in a major decision. The difference is integrity: Bush did what needed doing. Obama will do what seems most expedient. But I think he does not, in fact, share the idea that a free and prosperous Afghanistan is possible and in America's interest. I think at some level he wants either American strength to fail or the Bush policy to fail, and it could be both.

Tom Bowler

I would agree that Bush paid attention to politics in his surge decision, but I would argue that his interest was in building the political support that would allow him to do what had to be done. I have been tempted to say that Obama will do what will gain him the political support he needs to stay in power, but I don't really think that's true.

When push comes to shove I believe Obama will do what he believes in. He is pushing his health care reform against great public opposition. He is a lefty at heart and he is pushing the country to the left. I can commend him for being true to his beliefs.

What I object to is his dishonesty about it. His push to the left is much more severe than voters were led to believe. And though he may believe that health care, cap and trade, and the rest of it are all good things, the question is, what's good about them? Are they intended to make the country a better, safer place to live, or are they intended to build the enduring progressive majority? Not all of us think that would be a good thing.

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