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November 27, 2009



Big downpayment policy?
Well, it might simply reinforce the adage that folks without
a personal investment, and lots of "big ideas", simply are along for the ride, and need not be suffered lightly.

How come there's always a steady supply of folk that have
always relied on the kindness of strangers.. for their comfort, with big ideas on how to "share the wealth" um...for THEIR children, only after somebody else
with calloused hands has just finished teaching their offspring stowing the last of the harvested crops in their barn? Aren't these usually the same folks found gaming for cider at the public house, loudly offering to help with "the communities" cache of winter fodder, just after the smoke from canning and preserving fires have abated from the horizon?

Tom Bowler

I guess I'm less worried about folks who rely on the kindness of strangers than I am the politicians who encourage them as a way of building a voting constituency.

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