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December 29, 2009



now with limited national GOP support it's really gonna be an uphill battle. but when have we ever been afraid of a little hard work? not now. not ever.

Sissy Willis

Thanks for the link and your thoughts. I've added your comments at my blog in an update. :)


Why would anyone with "libertarian leanings" support Scott Brown over the TRULY "libertarian leaning" candidate that will be on that ballot on Jan. 19th?

JOE KENNEDY - http://www.joekennedyforsenate.com/

SB is just another big-government RINO, who supports junk like RomneyCare whole-heartedly. JK is a member of the national Libertarian Party, and active in Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty. What more do you need to know?

And with a name like "Joe Kennedy" - he could actually WIN in Massachusetts! :-)

Tom Bowler

Why would anyone with "libertarian leanings" support Scott Brown over the TRULY "libertarian leaning" candidate that will be on that ballot on Jan. 19th?

Well, we're choosing between long shot libertarian purity and a realistic chance to elect the 41st vote against nationalized health care. You make the call, Bill.


what do you mean limited GOP support?????? every Republican I know is sending money into Scott Brown to help pay for his ads? Hello! You has been in DC fighting for you re health care? The Republicans!

it's interesting that many teapartiers consider the GOP their enemy...it would be nice to see teapartiers put down their egos and join up with the Republicans....now that would be a machine!

Ray freeland

Voters of Mass, please wake up and support Scott Brown for your senator, He is a conservative republican and can make a big,big difference. I'm from Arizona and will sending him a cash donation."We" have our chance to get ridded of a senator who want to spend our country into the ground and cause all other types of harm. Please vote her out and put Brown in office,he can't be any worse,and maybe,he will do what he promises.


Next Tuesday when Mr. Brown wins (and he will) it will be the Scott heard round the world!

Are you listening Congress?

John LaCava

God works in mysterious ways. This election will be God's message to those who would ignore the ten commandments and instead resort to the 7 deadly sins to accomplish their goals. Go Scott Brown.

matt mancuso

Joe, please counter Obama on Sunday and throw your support to Brown. I'm a proud conservative and you would do us all proud with this move. Please

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