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May 20, 2010



Someone who is competent, and pursues many of the policies Rand Paul advocates, would be of great assistance to the ailing Republican Party.

Unfortunately, Rand Paul went on the Rachel Maddow show within 24 hours of winning his primary and made a major idiot out of himself....

Libertarians know the difference between private property on which you build a home and private property on which you run a business.

Libertarians, that is, with an I.Q. above a chimpanzee.

Which excludes Rand Paul.


Glad to read this on a libertarian blog. I was concerned that the more extreme libertarian views were beginning to be associated with the Tea Party, and I'm glad to see even some libertarians are concerned with that. The Pauls have some interesting views, but some is poison.

PJ Smith

Don't forget that CRA '64 helped redefine interstate commerce in a way that gave the Federal Government a precedent for all kinds of intrusion in places it doesn't belong. The end, however noble and correct, was attained through a foul means.

That said, Paul's father stands accused of publishing a racist newsletter, so the suspicion of racial animosity on the part of the son could have traction.

My impression of the law, as a young man, was that the newly found government power was troubling. At the time, I hadn't even heard the term "libertarian" let alone formed a political identity. I grew up in the northeast, so I was unaware of the reality of entrenched racism in the south. In retrospect, something had to be done to force progress. It would have been better if an alternative could have been found. None has ever been suggested but the corruption of the commerce clause surely wasn't the only path to follow.

I suspect Rand Paul is a bit too purist in his libertarianism and too naive to understand what the leftist press will do with his words. No-one has designated Paul or anyone else as the spokesman of the Tea Party movement. The press will fail if they try to burden the movement with Paul's public philosophizing.

Tom Bowler

The press will fail if they try to burden the movement with Paul's public philosophizing.

That won't prevent them from trying, and they will have traction with some, particularly those on the left. It will be a problem if the press decides to keep the issue front and center, day in and day out from now to November. With some of the luster having warn off Obama, I'm not sure they're inclined to mount that kind of a campaign on his behalf. But they might.

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