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November 01, 2010


PJ Smith

This is just the first skirmish in the war to roll back the government takeover of health care. The next step will be to refuse to fund any part of the complex legislation that can be defunded. In two years, we'll see if we have the will to solve the veto problem. In the meantime we'll have to figure out what the alternative plan for health care funding will be for America.

You must know, Tom, that there had to be a lot of support from the leadership of corporate America for a scheme to ultimately relieve them from the payroll burden of health care benefits. Nothing of this magnitude is accomplished without the consent of the "owners".

The democrats saw this election loss coming before the law was passed. Perhaps they thought they could control the losses better than they have done, but the change in power was part of the equation and they expect it to be temporary. They expect the structural change to be permanent and fundamental. Hillary is waiting in the wings to harden the cement of the foundation of our new "State Capitalist Pseudo-Democracy". Once they get back in full control, they expect us to be so weakened and so dependent on them that the fight for the hearts and minds of America will be over.

Unless we can somehow win. On their side is Soros, the Tides Foundation and its cohorts, the legacy media, academia, Hollywood, those masses whose group identities are important to them and the lion's share of the global corporate culture. On our side is Limbaugh, Beck, Breitbart, Palin, a handful of politicians, a few bloggers and an aging American population.

In the middle are the people I call "grazers" who don't have much political identity. They don't even watch the news on TV very often. They are stimulated by someone's celebrity and they sway with the popular mood. They also vote and feel patriotic.

Somehow, on this odd battlefield we have a chance of victory. As long as our belief in free markets and personal freedom still lives. As long as there people such as yourself, who care enough to return to the keyboard and share ideas and information, our ideals will survive.

Today the tide flows with us and we seem to have momentum. Perhaps enough to carry us away from the rocky shores of collectivist misery. Thanks for being someone who helps row the boat.

Tom Bowler

Thanks for your kind words, PJ.

I think the battle will ultimately be won by our side. There's too much information available, and the truth, which is so poisonous to progressives, will keep coming out. They'll try to suppress it. They talk about reviving the Fairness Doctrine, and they demonize Fox to discourage anybody from watching, but it's a losing battle. It's as if they are trying to block their own ears at the same time they're blocking ours, but they don't have enough hands to do it.

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