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January 24, 2011



Well, NOBODY wants to admit being taken in by a (mandatory contribution for "traditional" citizens) Ponzi scheme that
apparently "loans" it's capital to "other" interests, simply vaporizing the principal, with NO free market "investment" interest to support COLA "inflation" considerations.
How's that "adequate medical-concern payment scheme" going to play out when I bring cash, but no receipt from the IRS, to the nice woman with guaranteed gub'mint "loans" for her official certificate to "First, Do no Harm"?

On the other hand, my "privatized" (thankfully-cautiously vested) amalgamated mutual fund investments (gambling bets) seem to have
evaporated to a shocking degree before I cut my losses and cashed out.

Why does it always seem to be "We'll have to DECIMATE "our" children
and your "safety"!" I think I just read about a new "state committee" to instruct Pittsburgh NH on a twelve-step program to "recovery". The Union Leader reports on Federal/State "grants" to provide academic payroll to "Humanities" folk about every other day. Reinventing the wheel is freakin' expensive when politically appointed bureaucrats take other folks checkbooks to "reinterpret" what the rest of us have hard-learned, beyond the confines of mis-necessitated apple allocation

Is Animal Farm part of the mandated k-12 Unionized "education" anymore? Aesop's Fables? Are Ayn Rand's (thinly veiled history) accounts part of ANY (ahem)higher ed "humanities" or political "science" syllabus?
"Home" econ.? "The Road to Serfdom", "Legalizing Misandry",
or Lenin, Krugman, and "How to navigate actualization of your Social Services Entitlements" for exceptional and non-traditional citizens?
[/recurring pertinent(IMHO) rant]


Just cancel social security...let the government keep the money...get us out of here....


I just heard some officially elected bimbo champion ignoring the
debt ceiling so "we" don't put high quality health care "at risk".

Where does one go to get that "high" quality health care? I've got cash/gold/chickens!
What ever happened to adequate, or "affordable" (two party)
"health" care from the "health" education/merchant con-fab?

Where do I sign up for Bono's free "high quality" lung/liver/immune system transplant and "continuing care" to address the previously existing consequences of (admittedly bad)behavior, begun during my misspent "childhood", considered by SOME seeking to inexplicably fix the odds of the insurance/gambling game to be 26 and under?

26 and under,you know,like,um... when I was spending about HALF of that "higher education (seven year plan) loan" on extra curricular "pursuits", yet STILL get peer-reviewed credit for "attendance". Thank goodness THAT'LL be JUST ENOUGH enough to qualify as gub'mint regulating agency clerk job prerequisites.

*sigh* If only I was female, single parent, remotely "colored" by some manner ("American Indian" misnomer excepted of course), "gay", underprivileged, with special needs. Better yet, all of the above!

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