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March 18, 2011


Any working adult with an annual income below the level of the standard $20,000 exemption would receive the difference as a tax credit, so that no one would have an income less than $20,000 -- or whatever the exemption would be.
I wonder how long it would take for an astonishing number of folk to "suddenly" appear-on-paper to "earn", and get by(get over), on less than $20,000. We're including the value of ALL employer/gub'mint/union "entitlements" right? If you build it, they will come.

Say....what brought about the perquisite of employer based "health" insurance anyway? Can I deduct 10% of my automotive fuel because it's a food product? Is "adult" 18, 21, the "health" insurance (and post-grad, for those not on the seven year plan)26?
Could a "sociologically corrected" IQ test for reasoning and comprehension justify discounted chronological age (like for big-city police/fire)?

Tom Bowler

As I understand it Cap, employer based health insurance began during World War II when the Roosevelt administration decided it would keep inflation under control by imposing wage and price controls, it being a wartime emergency, don't you know. Since companies were prevented from offering pay above an arbitrarily imposed legal maximum, they offered health insurance benefits instead. We've been screwed ever since.

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