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April 08, 2011



I heard you on the radio this morning, and I agree with you 100% on the winners and losers in the budget battle. I missed your take on Wisconsin so I'm happy to see it hear.

Nice job BTW. I gotta get you on my show!

Tom Bowler

Thanks, Jane. I'd love to be on your show. I just need to arrange the time well enough in advance.

I had a good time on Pete's show this morning. A point I made on Wisconsin that I didn't make here: It's a disaster for the Dems. They thanked Governor Walker for energizing their base, and their base didn't get it done. 2012 is likely to be another Dem bloodbath. A 2010 deja vu all over again.

Do you think you would like to join us some Saturday morning?


I'd love to join you. I was interested in the disparity of reactions on the budget battle. Politically it changed the discourse in this country and I just don;t see how you can count that as a loss.

Tom Bowler

I'll see if Pete can have us both on one of these Saturdays. I think we'll have a lot of fun.

Regarding the various reactions to the budget deal, the people who are upset about it are the purists. For them, any compromise is defeat. Now I am definitely in favor of cutting off NPR and the rest of them, but forcing a government shutdown to get it done would have been way too costly. And we're going to get another crack at them.

I like Boehner. I think he's going to be the most effective Speaker since Gingrich. More effective probably. I could be wrong, but I think the Dems are going to have a very hard time making him out to be the arch-villain the way they did with Gingrich and Delay. It will take a massive smear campaign, and I'm not sure the Dems have enough credibility to pull that off any more.


WEll I'm a purist, but I am also a realist. Since this is a battle I really really really want to win I cannot sit back and wait for purity.

I too like Boehner. And it sounds like he is a pretty good negotiator. The thought of Obama as a mediator cracks me up, and I bet Boehner will take excellent advantage of that.

AS it stands now, as long as we are okay with planned parenthood, the left will concede to anything. I like it!

Tom Bowler

I forget who wrote it, but somebody pointed out that Obama was actually the extremist, willing to shut down the government rather than pull funding for Planned Parenthood, an abortion provider. But of course no liberal journalist worth his salt would ever print such a thing, so nobody is going to notice.

However, I think maybe Boehner is onto something. And we are his enablers! I think he'll just keep coming with proposals to axe little things near and dear to progressive hearts, like NPR or Planned Parenthood. As long as we Tea Partiers are egging him on we lend credibility that he might actually do what he says. Terrified Dems will bluster and complain then cave in on things that are really important. Hope so anyway.

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