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June 16, 2011



Hopefully, by the strike of midnight we will never hear from David Axelrod, Jim Messina, or David Plouffe again - well unless they write their memoirs from jail.

Tom Bowler

...unless they write their memoirs from jail.

You may not be very far off with that one, Jane. Who knows who's next under the bus for that ATF Fast and Furious fiasco? And we haven't even started talking about a special prosecutor.


My guess is we won't either. That would be racist you know.

What a gorgeous beach!

Tom Bowler

It really is a gorgeous place, but the internet service is so slow as to be nearly useless. After spending half the morning getting that picture uploaded I decided it wasn't worth the effort and that was the end of my internet experience for the week. We then proceeded to the swim-up bar where we had salted slices of lime with Tabasco and shots of Mezcal. Tasty stuff!

Sad to admit it, but your guess might be right.

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