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June 13, 2011


Rob Sama

They banned Gary Johnson from the debate. It's unacceptable.

Online Home Inspector

more people are beginning to see how important our two camps are to each other. I only wish there were 1 or 2 more libertarians on that stage with them. With any luck Bauchman will break out some anti-fed rhetoric. No chance in hell though of getting a validating voice of support for non-interventionism.

Tom Bowler

Rob, I think the key criterion for inclusion was that a candidate had to show at least one percent support in a national poll, and Johnson apparently hadn't gotten it.

Online Home Inspector

I am just going with the best in a worst situation. My ultimate situation would be a Resource Based Economy, politics replaced by coming to decisions based on best scientific and engineering practices. Overall social change is needed. Thanks for telling me about those things on Ron.

Great Golf Strategies

If the Democrats are for the poor and out to help the welfare state as the media likes to tell us then something is very wrong and does not make sense. Democrats had full control of both Houses for nearly 40 years until 1994, in that time they had JFK, LBJ, Carter and Clinton. 16 years of full Democratic control. Obama had two years of full control and one year with a super filibuster proof majority. Simply put if everyone voted party lines they could have passed any legislatio¬n they wanted. Actions speak, you can preach and say what you want but both parties are for the rich because they themselves are rich. The 1964 civil rights bill was unsuccessfully held up by two Senate Democrats, Robert Byrd who passed not long ago tied up the Senate for like 60 days trying to filibuster and block passage of the bill. They mustered enough votes to override his filibuster with 80% Republican voting to pass the bill and 61% Dem. voting to pass the House bill and 82% rep. 69% Dem. in the Senate. Hardly the party of the poor and minorities. Republican or Democrat, they are all out to help the rich, we need to take away all their perks and you will see some real progress on helping the working class and the poor instead of the rich people and coffers who give them all money so they will vote to help them get even richer.

Tom Bowler

Democrats are not for the poor, they are for the dependent, whether they're poor or not. So if a Fortune 500 company is heavily dependent upon government subsidy to stay in operation they get support from the Democrats because the Democrats are going to get campaign contributions in return. Does the name General Motors ring a bell?

The strategy of the Democrats is make everybody and everything dependent upon government and on the good will of big government Democrats. they would like you to feel that your livelihood and well being are entirely dependent upon Democrats and that you must vote for them and contribute to them. Democrats are not for people who are in any way independent.

I'll take the Republicans every time.

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