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June 10, 2011


PJ Smith

I don't Trust Perry. He worked like a dog to build a north-south toll road through the state called the Trans-Texas Corridor. His people selected an unauditable Mexican company to build, manage and own the highway. The public outrage killed the project in the legislature, but it somehow feels like it still has a spark of life. Kind of like cap-and-trade legislation from Obama.

He also refused to support Arizona's efforts at immigration control when he had the chance. I'd vote for him against Obama, but I think he is pure politician, in the most negative sense of the word.

Tom Bowler

You're more knowledgeable about Perry than I am, PJ, and your assessment of him being a politician first and foremost seems pretty realistic. But Texas has been doing pretty well under his governorship. Perry vs. Obama would not be a difficult decision.

PJ Smith

From Wikipedia on the Texas Legislature... a clue to Texas' success:

The Legislature meets in regular session on the second Tuesday in January of each odd-numbered year. The Texas Constitution limits the regular session to 140 calendar days.

Texas has no state income tax, a low cost of living, decent rural lifestyles, little smog, polite people and a lot more to recommend it. I moved here in 2003 from southern California and I'm content.

Perry hasn't succeeded in ruining the state, nor has he tried to to my knowledge, with the possible exception of that highway project which smells like dead squid in the sun. Nevertheless, he strikes me as one of those politicians who has no reluctance to use power whenever it suits him in pursuit of his own ends.

With George Bush, what you saw was pretty much real. I never have that feeling with Perry. That said, I'd vote for pretty much anyone against Obama. We'll see what the future hands us.

Tom Bowler

"That said, I'd vote for pretty much anyone against Obama."

Can't argue with that. I think some liberal pundits are engaging in wishful thinking, imagining that the Tea Party might abandon a Republican nominee on ideological grounds in favor of a third party candidate. They're dreaming. Everybody thinks as you do.

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