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July 01, 2011



Politicians have to pander to everyone, even those who think they are Napoleon.


"In actuality, gays and libertarian minded Republicans are natural political allies."

NOT In My Humble Opinion, when it comes to "special exceptions", and "special protections" in courtrooms, "public" health policy, and public debate, and perceptions of "workplace atmosphere" oppression, when it comes to "enhanced consequences" for disingenuous claims of the oft
imagined "hate" crime defense.
Of course, this is not unique to the "special" subset of homosexuals
that have co-opted the misnomer "gay" to excuse anti-social behavior.
Plenty of folk, on the minority side of any given democratic poll of We The People, seem to continue to find solace in the "party" that fancies
themselves champions of that very principal, up until "the court" is asked to "discover" why such a democratic vote doesn't count.

Oh wait, personal responsibility and consequence goes with that Libertarian meme? What happened to all the "free stuff", like my um..."right" to criticize and discriminate, in my association between so-called "gay" folk, with delusional "gay baggage", and other merely homosexual folk WITHOUT a reason-for-being to shrilly demand unimpaired entitlement to unmerited respect?

Tom Bowler

Special exceptions and hate crimes are things I would agree with you on, Cap. But not all gays assume the role of victim.


I wish republicans would realize that all those "special exceptions" arise out of a willingness to call people "unequal" and trying to make up for it. It's damaging.

I agree gays are a natural conservative constituency. Kids today have no problem with gays. We need to follow suit.

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