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August 18, 2011



Great post.

Tom Bowler



But...but..."Unions" are all about safety for "workers" in the workplace, and "fair" wages,and "good faith" negotiation.

How nice that New York is a right to work state. 20 years ago I was able to work in a "closed" union shop when "the union" couldn't come up with the (basic)skilled labor, despite a large group of folk "riding the pine" (aka Shaping up), or "on call" down at the very nice union hall. Of course, it wasn't exactly a "harassment free workplace".

SCHULTZ: That black cloud Perry is talking about is President Barack Obama.

And even if THAT MSNBC lie were true, that would make Perry/Republicans "racist" in addressing one man's incompetence, exactly how?

Let's cut to the nice Reverend for further "interpretation".

john lawless

There was a time when so called 'Progressives' claimed the high moral ground. That always looked shaky to me, and now they are losing it completely. Now they are showing their creepy,small minded dishonesty and everyone can see it. They had some success with Palin, I doubt it will work with Perry. And I suspect they fear it won'work too.

These people have the morals of lice. No I take that back. It's unfair to lice.

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